Nick Ledesma: Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Programming, Sound Design

James Daley: Electric and Standup Bass, Moog Synthesizers

Nick Polich: Drums, Percussion

Joe Ledesma: Guitars, Electronic Sequencing

Penrose Stairs is a Chicago-based rock group that was originally created as an experimental project by Grammy-winning sound engineer Nick Ledesma in 2010. In the years since, it has evolved into a full band featuring the talents of James Daley, a classically-trained bassist and bandleader of the James Daley Trio, Nick Polich, a prolific studio drummer, and Joe Ledesma, rhythm guitarist and onstage computer guru. Although the form and lineup of Penrose Stairs is constantly evolving, the group has remained dedicated to creating innovative, atmospheric, and genre-defying music that is free of the musical clich├ęs being churned out by the mainstream music industry overlords.